Sunday, 8 August 2010


Welcome to our 'Handmaid & Vintage blog'
On Saturday 7th August 2010 we opened our doors to the
1st ever Handmaid & Vintage Fair of it's kind in this area...

We hope to do more so watch this space for our,
Handmaid & Vintage Christmas Fair...

We were amazed at the amount of people that
poured threw the doors & took part in this fair....

On behalf of everyone I would like to thank those who gave up their time to make this day happen,... you know who you are...

Thank you to our friends, clients, & loved ones who believed in us...

& finally to my hubby James, thanks for putting up with paper, cotton, clay, & other stuff all over the house, & help wipe up all those cups...!!

lastly, sorry for any out of focus pictures, not sure if it was down to excitement or nerves...... !!!?

A few of my bits 'n' bobs...

Sharon's fabulous cakes, which she completely sold out of...!!!!

Pertrova's lovely goodies....

Louise's lovely items....

Jennifer & Jaini vintage lovelies

Abby's handmade Jewellery

Terri's Phoenix cards

Me....! before we opened the doors...
Wonder who took this then!!!!


  1. It looks drop dead glad you had a super time xxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  2. well done, glad it all went well x

  3. Wow it all looked lovely! Its good that it all went so well x

  4. Looks fantastic.
    Those cakes....well done.

  5. Thanks for the virtual visit! The cakes looked YUMMY! And all the creations looked so pretty!

  6. Ohh this looks like Betsy heaven!!


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