Monday, 26 July 2010

Ever Closer....

Only a few weeks to go now, until our Handmaid & Vintage Fair..
( gulp...!!)

I was told recently that I'd spelt , 'handmaid' wrong on all our promotional posters, & handouts, etc...

My reply..?

Well, there's 8 of us 'Gals', that are sharing this day on

Sooo, I thought I would play on the words
'maid' since we're all girls or should that read ladies ,....?

I'm also aware, that there, are many of us out there in 'blog land', that share this same passion, for fairs, handmade, vintage, & unique finds,... & it's my indention, to have our very own unique handmade & vintage goodies to share & sell, in this part of the world too, & not to be confused in anyway, with any other fair, that may have a similar name.......

Hope to see you there....!!!!

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